Sound Track for Reading

The Sound Track for Reading Program helps: 

Parents wanting maximum success for their young child, and a close learning relationship.

Teachers for identified children needing extra help - a fully prepared program for an adult to use.

Tutors to teach vital phonological skills as well as phonics

What is Sound Track for Reading?

A balanced reading teaching program for young children (e.g. Year 1 or sometimes Year 2) - ideal for adults working with children one on one.

  • Phonological skills
    5 baseline tests with related teaching activities 
  • Phonics skills
    5 baseline tests with related teaching activities
  • Reading Fluency
    using a method of supported reading
  • Comprehension
    using objective questions that promote good thinking skills 

What does Sound Track for Reading consist of?

  • An activity book - all the pages you need are within the book 
  • DVD  (30 minutes)  - watch this first to reflect on how you will teach 
  • Guide – View Sound Track For Reading Guide
  • Cubes (manipulatives) – for a sensory and concrete way of understanding phonemes 
  • Important guidance on paired reading – failure free - relax, support and be positive

How much time is needed?

2 X 10 minute sessions a day (20 minutes in total). 

Don't take our word for it...

“Sound Track for Reading is a wonderful program. It will be very helpful to school staff or parents who would like to help their children acquire reading skills. It is scientifically based and well designed to help both parents and their children.” 
-Dr. Linda Siegel, Professor of Education, UBC
“Finally, a comprehensive, sound systematic program designed to enable parents to help their children become life-long readers in just two 10 minute sessions per day. Also ideal for school.”  
-Florence Lapidus, Special Needs Coordinator and Learning Assistance Teacher
“The things I found most helpful were the ten quick tests that point out the exact errors made by the child. I like he precise objectivity of this method. Then the explicit work to do to teach to the unknown areas in a child's reading and writing is really helpful. I learned how to make each lesson short, sweet and positive.”  
-Brenda Taylor, Parent

How can I order Sound Track for Reading?