Workshops for Educators

Who are these workshops for and what is their purpose?

These workshops are for Year R, Year 1 and Year 2 teachers. Workshops train teachers to find and help children at risk for reading difficulties. If we can predict reading difficulties we can be genuinely preventive and pro-active in our schools, avoiding a lot of failure and low self esteem for many children.

How long does a workshop last and what's involved?

Workshops can be a whole day, or a half day covering:

  • How to administer a clear and user-friendly kindergarten screening test
  • How to work out and use the results to identify a group of children who are “at-risk” for reading difficulties (dyslexia)
  • How to set up short, but effective small group teaching activities
  • How to enhance this teaching by whole class activities
  • How to further enhance this teaching by mobilizing parents to help at home. A team approach!

The crucial skills to be tested and taught are Phonological Skills. These are not the same as Phonics Skills. There will be a clear and well-illustrated presentation about the need to separate these two elements at first (in order to combine them powerfully later). The presentation will be both power-point and film.

How can I schedule a workshop at my school?

To arrange a workshop please contact us.